Welcome to the Pokemon Tau Wiki

Welcome to the world of Pokemon Tau, an RPG made with the use of the Pokemon Essentials pack.

Anime/Manga Story

11 year-old Marcus begins his journey from Stockowa Town when he receives a letter from the pokemon league to receive his Starter Pokemon and Pokedex from Professor Eucalypt.

Version History

0.0.1: Maps of Starter Town, First City and Route 1 made, Fairy Typing and Fairy-Type Moves added.

Austrulin Region

Towns and Cities


Landmarks (In Progress)

Misc Data

Head Admin Notes

We are actively recruiting people for this project, we need the following people;

  • Sprite Animators (not-currently needed)
  • Attack Animators
  • Script Writers
  • Testers (notcurrently needed)
  • Wikia Editor

Current Contributors

  • Cartledgej91-Head Creator
  • Dildog-Sprite Designer(paper copy)

Latest activity

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